Income-tax Department is organizing the Special Counters at Gayathri Vihar

Since the last date for filing the returns of income of salaried employees and pensioners is 31st July, 2017, the Income-tax Department is organizing the Special Counters at Gayathri Vihar, Palace Grounds, Bangalore from 29th July to 31st July, 2017.

These Special Counters will remain open between 10.00 a.m. and 6 p.m on all the three days. During this period, the Income-tax Returns of salaried assessees and Pensioners will NOT be received in HMT Bhavan.

Around 54 Special Counters will be set up to receive the returns of income. Arrangements are made to receive the bulk returns separately. Since the assessees with total income exceeding Rs.5 lakhs are required to file their returns electronically, e-filing intermediaries and Tax Return Preparers (TRPs)will be available at the venue to enable the tax payers to e-file the returns.

In addition, the Special counters will contain facilities like ATMs and Bank Extension Counter to facilitate instantaneous payment of taxes, if any. PAN Service (NSDL) counters, Medical Support Unit, Food Courts and Help Desks to cater to the needs of senior citizens, differently abled persons are also available. Volunteers will assist/ guide the taxpayers.

Centralized Processing Centre(CPC), Bangalore is also setting up a counter to receive the acknowledgement of the e-returns filed. The taxpayers are requested to use these facilities and file their returns in time.