"Give Time Some Time"

Ämiya Sarah Babu Pynadath

Everyone at a point of time feels lost and broken,we feel like giving up.The main reason behind losing vibe which force us to live a well satisfied life is,our own expectation when compared to an other person.Sometimes its fear that is stopping us from everything we could achieve.It is the thought of "what are they gonna think".

 Above all it is our own thoughts stopping us.Sometimes we get confused between our strengths and weaknesses.All of a sudden,in the middle of an ordinary life,we will feel lost.We may starve to find the right path in life.Suddenly small things will posses power to alter our moods.And you know what, it is a common phenomenon.Every individual will go through acute grief.Its worth the pain..

Sometimes it is hard for us to realize that we are not depressed,we are just sad.We don't need to move on,we just need to relax.We don't need to find someone else but find ourselves.At the end of the day we need to be self dependent.People may call you old school,but it is perfectly fine to live a life that matters.We will have to let go of something which is constantly bringing us down.We will have to stop looking at others and stop comparing ourselves to them.We have no idea about what is happening in their life.Their's is a totally different story that we are not aware of.

Live our life to the fullest.We should not dwell in the past,we don't live there anymore.We should not get worried about the future,because thats not gonna change.Live in the present.Relay upon God.Trust his timing.We don't know what he is about to bring,whether mercy or blessing. Let people make assumptions.That's okay,after all,they are not living our life,It is us.

Feel beautiful. Feel confident.Stay unbreakable.Life has a funny way of showing things done when we least expect.

All I can say is "Give time, some time" Let me conclude by quoting something, "You are just one decision away from a totally different life".

Pic Source: patch.com